Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jack and Daisy

Prepare for the cuteness overload. One thought did occur to me: will these names (the most 'human' names I've ever given my pets) now be excluded from my list of potential character names? Although come to think of it, two of my Changeling novellas have had characters called Jack and Daisy, so I'd probably be unlikely to use them again any time soon. And, I have been known to recycle names under different spellings (I know I've had about three Finns, Alexes both male and female, and I even named a character Kat, in one of my Cat Marsters titles).

Anyway, here are some adorably cute pictures of my adorably cute babies.

Daisy, left, and Jack, right (I put collars on them to tell them apart!) They have a little cat bed, but apart from the first night they've preferred the back of this chair with its cat cushions, or the office chair (what is it with office chairs? Spike loves mine).

Engaged in their second-favourite activity. You're always warned that cats might not eat a lot to begin with in a strange place, but these two have been really tucking in. And a good job, too: it's the expensive kitten food, so they grow up extra healthy and strong--and hopefully smart, too (no Sugar, I'm not thinking of you. Well, maybe a little bit).

And here's their first-favourite activity. Apparently it's comfy for them to sleep this way--and yes, they're on the office chair (the piano room doubles as an office/study).

This morning, Jack discovered how to get out of the piano room (jumping off the piano, over the gate, is a key aspect) while the Demon Puppy was out, so explored the house a while. Here he is leaning over the stairs, trying to decide whether these glass pebbles are edible or not.

Jack posing like the beautiful boy he is.

Daisy, slightly blurry because she moves so fast in her efforts to hide! While her brother is as bold as anything (I had Jack Sparrow in mind when I named him), little Daisy is terrified of everything, and spends most of her time hiding behind chairs and doors. When she made it into the sitting room this morning, Pepper appeared on the other side of the baby gate, and so terrified Daisy that she couldn't get herself out from behind the sofa. When I rescued her, she darted back behind her chair in the safety of the piano room, so quickly I have a scratch on my chest from her launch to the floor!

And, because the poor wee motherless mite is feeling horribly left out and sulky, here's a picture of my Gorgeous Boy, Spike, when he was much the same age as Jack and Daisy. All together now: We Still Love you!


  1. Kittens! Even better, black kittens! Squee! The only motivation I have for getting a mortgage is being able to have cats.

  2. Awww, the kittens are BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure Spike will take great care of them too :) Thank you for sharing the pics. Kittens bring a smile :)

    Mine are unhappy with me at the moment. We just (read: tonight) added a puppy to the house. Of course, he's about 80lbs - a Rottie puppy who is somewhere between 8 months and 1 year. ACK. He's been a total doll tonight and didn't even harass the cats (who both hissed at him.)

    It's add to the family week or something :)