Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The secret diary of Spike, aged 2 ¼

I am not happy.

Not. Happy.

Young Female has been giving me lots of cuddles lately, which made me somewhat suspicious. I mean, not that I don't get lots of cuddles anyway. Am magnificent beast, people can't help it. But there was something about the way she was talking...

Then she and Old Female came home today with two kittens in a box. Kittens! Small, black, annoying. Am sure I was never that stupid as a kitten. Was surely magnificent and stately, just as I am now.

There is a female kitten and a male one. Have not enquired as to names. Am not sure they deserve them.

To top it all off, my own personal door has been closed to keep the kittens in. Hah! Better off letting them out--they can take the Demon Puppy with them (although DP and I are at least in agreement over the stupidity of Young Female's idiotic decision. First time for everything).

Am now in an official Huff.

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  1. My Dear Feline Colleague,

    You have my complete and utter sympathies. My Female Slave recently came home with a big slobbering Dog who idiotically allows them to let him out and then the fool returns after just a few moments.

    *I* have not been allowed the courtesy of going out, despite my demands to chase the birds, squirrels, and lizards that abound beyond the limits of my Domain.

    However, I shall count myself lucky, since I do not have to share my litter box with others. The very thought!

    My Condolences,
    Prince, age 3
    Owner of Lena Austin