Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okey dokey. It only took me a week...actually it took me a week and some suggestions...but here is a contest for everybody. Want a free ebook of Out Of This World? Then enter my contest!

As I realised last week, Out Of This World is my 20th Changeling title. Twentieth. Seems like yesterday I was going giddy over the sale of She Who Dares (ah, snarky vampires, must write some more of those!).

Therefore, the contest entry requirement is simple. Can you name all twenty of my Changeling Press titles? Well, can you? Then email the list to me, and on Friday 23rd Aug I'll pick a winner from the correct answers.

(I'm trying to type this with Jack on my lap, purring like a madcat and batting at my elbows for attention with his claws. Love you too, baby).

On your marks, get set... go!

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