Monday, August 25, 2008

The house in my downstairs loo: £625,000

No, really. A year or two ago I painted a mural in the downstairs loo, at my mother's request, of Port Isaac harbour. This weekend I saw one of the houses depicted thereof on the Houses of the Week page of the Sunday Times Homes section. It's pretty pricey for a two bedroom cottage, but then a) the views are spectacular, and b) it's used in a primetime ITV drama as Doc Martin's house (we go to Port Isaac most years, often in June, and there's usually some film crew wandering about). I'd upload a picture, but I can't find one online and I've absolutely no idea where I filed the one I took when it was finished, and I'm far too lazy to go downstairs and take another one.

No, not quite lazy. This last week I've been suffering with labyrinthitis--again--which has symptoms somewhere between motion sickness and the sort of hangover where you're still quite drunk. To combat this I take a whole cocktail of tablets, which reduce the nausea to disorientation, but leave me rather sleepy. So I'm not terribly productive right now.

Although I did just draw a little sketch of Jack, asleep on the windowsill in the sunshine. Hard to draw a black cat without just crayoning black all over the place. Not sure how well it came out, really, so I shan't be scanning it in to show anybody.

Have been watching some Buffy and reading my Serenity scriptbook, and remembering why Joss Whedon is so clever. Making notes--I could do a damn workshop on it by now--and applying them to improving the Untied Kingdom. Which still needs improving. I'm also using the plot chart I made for Kett's book, and going through scene by scene this time (great fun when you have 115k words, at least 15 of which need to be cut). I've already cut a few scene4s which were just repeats of things I'd already said and done.

Last weekend I got the sewing machine out and made a pink butterfly version of a 1957 Vogue pattern. Still not finished; needs a petticoat to hold the skirts out. Still waiting on the fabrics (ordered from; about a quarter of the price I'd have got at John Lewis). Am thinking of making another dress too, if this one comes out okay.

Oh, and I picked a winner for my contest last week: Janet Worley has won the free download of Out Of This World. For those who didn't win (thanks for entering!), you can still buy it, or read a free sneaky peak (or two) at the Changeling chat loop. Be warned, it's spicy.

Stream of consciousness here. Told you I was a bit floopy this week. I guess it's official now: I'm just a dizzy blonde.

Haven't had a picture of Richard Armitage for a while. Here's one from my Richard Armitage picture file (I also have a James Marsters file, a David Tennant one and a Huge Ackman one).

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