Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm back, with five stars

I'm back! What do you mean, where did I go? At least tell me you realised I was gone. I only realised after I'd left that I'd forgotten to mention it here. Set the auto-responder for my email (and came back to an inbox full of 'undeliverable mail' auto-responses to my own auto-response...) and checked my phone was happy to dial up, but forgot to post to the blog. And while I know it is possible to post remotely, I, er, have no actual idea how to. My only internet connection is via my phone with its slightly fuzzy screen and habit of randomly changing internet settings all by itself.

Anyway. I've spent the last week in Southwold, which is like a seaside town from the 1950s, in the nicest possible way. The occasion was my dad's 60th birthday (he's officially an Old Man now, and since he's so concerened about it we have of course spent the week teasing him mercilessly). We hired a cottage two doors down from the Adnams cellar store, and about five doors down from the Adnams brewery. Consequently, I shall be spending the next several weeks attempting to cleanse my liver.

Anyway, I came back to the first review for my Madam Periwinkle book, Out Of This World, which is about an interdimensional traveller from a world where sex is synthetic, and a Yorkshire werewolf. Of course. Ladybirdrobi of Romance Junkies gave it five ribbons and said:
I loved the idea that sexual energy can power a ship. I loved the drama of how they would communicate with each other. MADAME PERWINKLE”S EROTIC DELIGHTS: OUT OF THIS WORLD is an awesome read. I liked deflowering the mystery of this story. It was totally unique.

Did I mention the five ribbons? It got five ribbons. That's the highest number of ribbons you can get. Just sayin'.


  1. Well, I noticed you'd vanished off the face of the earth (oh, all right, that's being mean to Southwold).

    Did you pass by the totally, utterly gorgeous amber shop there?

    WELL DONE on the five ribbons!

  2. I didn't go in the amber shop--I'd like to say it's because of my skintone, but my bank balance is probably the real reason! But I've gazed in the window many times.

    The RNA should do something in Southwold. After all, they have their own brewery and winestore!