Sunday, October 05, 2008

Where I was last week

Shamefully, I only took a few pictures, mostly of the riverboat trip we took on Sunday, at the Aldeburgh Food and Drink festival (many Yummy Mummies and lots of organic meat). However, they came out rather beautiful, so I thought I'd share some.

There were a couple of these barges sailing up and down the Alde River, which starts near Snape, winds towards Aldeburgh on the coast, but is separated from the sea by a shingle bank. It goes back inland and finally flows out to sea not far from Felixstowe.

The river is quite wide at Snape, and it was explained to us that a wave (the river is tidal) flooded nearby fields in the last century, creating an area of marshland that's frequently underwater, and is now a haven for wildlife (and birdspotters!).

A flock of birds, who seem to be forming an arrow!

And finally, before we even left the house. Jack really wanted to come with us!


  1. Lovely pics, indeed. Who looked after the furry ones? (mine always climb in the bag too)

  2. A friend of my mum's fed the cats, Jan. I look after her rather ancient moggy while she's away (I think she likes seeing young healthy cats!). Her Highness the Demon Puppy came with us and had the time of her life: a beach, a muddy estuary, and every time we ate something, a bribe of fish and/or chips to keep quiet. Doggy heaven.

    She loves getting in the car now, because it always ends in a nice holiday!

  3. Pretty pictures! Our cat always hides when we start producing bags as he's figured out it might mean a ride in his basket somewhere, which causes him to panic and ... um ... disgrace himself a lot.