Thursday, November 27, 2008

The name game

This is so much fun I really ought to do it more often. Someone sent me a list of movie titles that had been altered for foreign audiences, and then translated back into English (my favourites? In France, The Matrix is called The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses. How French is that, to pick up on the sunglasses?)

So, with the help of Babelfish and Google, I translated some of my titles into a foreign language, then back again. I did this a few years ago, with European languages (Almost Human became Approximately Human, which killed me), so this time I've chosen Chinese. Enjoy.

Duty and the Beast, or, And the responsibility of the Beast

Here Kitty Kitty, or, Here Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier

Room Service, or, Meals on Wheels

Baby Sham Faery Love (okay, that's a weird one anyway), or, Fake baby fairy tale of love

What Wizards Want, or, What would guide

Spaceport: Incognito, or, Air base: With fictitious name

Spaceport: Courtesan, or, Air base: Higher prostitute


  1. Oh, I do love Air Base with a Fictitious Name

  2. Meals on Wheels! *dies laughing*

  3. Aren't they brilliant?

    I think Meals on Wheels is my favourite. So NOT the image I was after!