Friday, April 10, 2009

I suppose you think this is funny

Family visiting this weekend, and so the house has to be made more presentable. This includes clearing out my office, since my brother will be sleeping in here on the futon. Usually, there's not enough room to open out said futon, due to the huge mountains of stuff that accumulate everywhere I go, like the old lady in Labyrinth.

Anyway, my mum made a list of things to be done, and here's how she listed my part in it all (click on the picture for a larger version):

I object to that 'haha'!


  1. I clicked on the pic and immediately wondered why she wasn't putting everyone in the ballroom to sleep. Then I read it more carefully.

    [word veri: vammvta, which I suspect is the sound your mum makes as she gets geared up to clean everything]

  2. Good luck with the weekend! Gotta luv family, especially after all the cleaning. Bleh! Happy Easter!