Saturday, May 16, 2009

This week, I have been mostly...

...thinking about a new story, going to the RNA's summer party, and enjoying a blissful week without the Demon Puppy. Mum took her on holiday, you see, so she's been driving Southwoldians batty while I've been relaxing and enjoying the cats' happy bewilderment. They love a dog-free house.

The RNA party has been blogged about more extensively by Liz Fenwick, Nina Harrington and Janet Gover, who were all clever enough to take pictures. I wasn't, so I've just borrowed theirs.

Here's in Nina's picture you can see (l-r) agent Jonathan Pegg, yours truly, Liz Fenwick, Carole (sorry but I can't remember your last name!) and Nina Harrington. Yes, that's me lurking at the back with a nearly-empty wineglass. Is anybody surprised?

Janet, of course, had her sights aimed at everybody's shoes--and even her own paparazzo to take pictures. Here are my pink suede slingbacks--unusually demure, I think!--and Janet's own multi-coloured courts.

The shoe prize has to go to Julie Cohen, however, for her glittery gold confections.

Why are romantic novelists so obsessed with shoes?

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