Monday, September 07, 2009

First review for City of Lust...and it's a good'un

Although I have no idea why my heroine isn't called Angelica any more.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat level: H

Angelina didn’t tell Jack her family had sold her to the Emperor as a virgin seer. When the Emperor came to fetch her she didn’t get a chance to explain or even say goodbye. Jack was broken hearted that his love would choose to leave him to marry the vilest of all men, the Emperor, and live in decadence while all those around her suffered under his evil rule. Jack’s heard hints of rumors that the Empress chooses concubines that are dangerous revolutionaries in her husband’s dungeons, men who’ve been marked for execution for their deeds against the Empire. Is Jack just too blinded by a broken heart to see?

City of Lust clears up many questions that have plagued me throughout the series and the answers were well worth the wait. The need to solve the mysteries building inside was certainly exciting as well since I pondered the answers many times waiting for the explanation that finally came in this third episode. I suppose Ms. Marsters could end the series here, but I’d be willing to beg her to continue the saga. There’ve been hints there may be more to the Empress than meets the Emperor’s eyes, but City of Lust leaves no doubt where her true loyalties lie, or why Jack is so bitter about love. There are no new secondary characters of any importance in book three, but those we’ve come to love from previous episodes are still in the background. Jack and Angelina have only ever loved each other and when they get back together I’m amazed they didn’t set off the smoke detectors in the Emperor’s sin palace. Jack has been a hero from the beginning, but we never knew his background or much else about him. We knew nearly nothing about the empress other than the hints that secretly in her heart she supported those fighting the Empire for their freedom. What a surprise she turned out to be! The whole series has been a shocker since it is such a different style from what Ms. Marsters usually writes. If you haven’t read the Empire series yet, trust me, you should.

Karen Haas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Yippee! Thank you Karen Haas from Just Erotic Romance Reviews!

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