Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random cat pictures

I'm working on plot points for Dawn Rising, but since I still haven't got much figured out there isn't a lot to blog about.

So, have some pictures of the cats instead.

A moment of entente cordiale between Spike and one of the twins--probably Jack, since Daisy's just as frightened of him as she is of everything else.

Jack being intrepid and outdoorsy in the tent put up for practice in the back garden.

Jack returning to his usual habits as a creature of comfort. A single thickness of duvet just isn't soft enough for him, y'see.

...although he finds Daisy makes quite a nice pillow.


  1. Your babies are adorable!

  2. Aren't they just? I shall pass on your compliments!

  3. Ah, butter wouldn't melt, eh?

  4. Love the YinYang with Jack and Spike. Too precious for words.

    Just finished Jack and Angelica's story. Very clever. And I love the integration of all the paranormal realms :)