Friday, September 18, 2009

New collection and new contract

It's a day for new things!

Firstly, the third and final Sundown collection has just been released from Changeling Press. This comprises the four Sundown Investigations stories East Side Story, Drive Me Daisy, Get Lucky and Here Kitty Kitty, all bundled together in one steamy ebook collection.

Plus, have you seen that gorgeous cover art?

The second news is that my intelligent, insightful and splendiferously wonderful editor at Ellora's Cave has offered a contract on the sequel to Almost Human! Yes, horrible Kett and her horrible book have finally found a home. Apparently they're not that horrible after all. Kett's just a little snarky because I made her a bitter scarred ex-con with a psychopathic boyfriend. Some people just can't take a joke.

Now, all she needs is a title. The Bitter Scarred Ex-Con And Her Psychopathic Boyfriend doesn't have quite the ring I'm looking for...


  1. Wonderful, wonderful!!!

    The Bitter Biter Bit?

    No? Oh, well, you think of something then.

  2. Congratulations on both! Can't help with the title, but yay anyway!