Monday, October 19, 2009

All aboard the Query-go-round!

As I sit here on this grey day, blinking behind my new and unaccustomed contact lenses, jumpy with coffee (it's hot and has no calories), on my kneeling chair which only has one out of four screws on the kneeling rest, I'm contemplating agent submissions. Again.

It's the Untied Kingdom. Again. I sent off a bunch of submissions in May, and you can probably guess by now that they weren't successful. To date, Eve and Harker have been turned down by one publisher (who took thirteen months to send a form letter), and eleven agents. A further four have yet to respond (one of them after a record-breaking two years). Many form rejections; some more encouraging. One agent went so far as to tell me how much she loved the characters, world, writing style, and me in general, and even begged me to let her know when the book was released so she could buy a copy...while still managing to reject it. On balance, I think I'd rather have been told it was all terrible.

At what point do you realise you're the only person in the world to love your ugly baby?

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  1. She loved it, wants a copy when it's published, but can't do it???? I just don't get it.

    *sighs* No wonders ours is a frustrating business.