Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Empire: Dawn Rising has a blurb

While I take time off from the Query-go-round (any more than a few pages of agent listings and I lose the will to live), and waiting for the cover for Dawn Rising, I've been working on a blurb.

“No one hides from the Empire. They see everything, they know everything.”

For too long Callie has been in pursuit of revenge, Edward has been searching for forgiveness and the Empire has held the world under its boot.

Callie has a unique skill that can gain access to the Emperor and end his tyranny. To unlock it, she needs a man—a strong, hot man like Edward. But Edward is too tortured by the failures of his past to believe he can save the future. Until an insistent drumbeat fills his head and drowns out the screams of his past, leading him to the one woman who could be his salvation.

There will be love and hot sex. There will be blood and sacrifice. And finally, if they can pull it off, there can be freedom from the Empire.

ISBN: 978-1-60521-347-7

Empire: Dawn Rising is available from Changeling Press, 20 Nov 2009.

See the book trailers here and here.


  1. This sounds very good indeed. Amazing how writing the blurb takes almost as long as writing the book...

  2. I know, and it needed editorial help too. All I could write was so dreary and dark!

  3. Shorter is always harder to write. Heck I have to edit down my tweets!

    Can't wait to read this one too! I'm slowly collecting all your work :D

  4. I have to keep up with my First Fan status ;)