Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good things

...if you like erotic romance: my novella Dawn Rising was released this week. Released, like a bird from a cage! It's the fourth and final installment in the Empire series, which has won awards and stuff. It tells the story of Edward, the prince who could overturn the Empire's despotic rule if only he can get his nerve back, and Callie, who has a very special talent that's key to the revolution--and a very cool way of unlocking it.

...if you have a Kindle: another novella of mine, but not an erotic one this time, will be available FREE from Amazon next week. The Twelve Lies of Christmas is a festive story about a spy and a con artist (because nothing says Christmas like espionage and confidence trickery) and prequels the Sophie Green series of mysteries.

...if you like shoes. My feet were pleased to play host to these on Thursday for the RNA's Winter Party. Pleased, and only a little bruised.


  1. I still love those shoes. Sigh.

  2. Love the shoes! See...totally doing RWA shoe blog next year ;)

  3. I love those shoes too, but I was pretty glad to step out of them at the end of the evening!

    I also discovered I had an aching neck: when you're essentially 6'1", you spend a lot of time craning down to hear what people are saying! Ah well, we must suffer to be beautiful--by which reasoning my feet must have been really gorgeous.