Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mad, Bad & Dangerous

The release date has been confirmed: Mad, Bad & Dangerous hits the shelves (er, the metaphorical ebook type shelves) 24th Feb!

Mad, Bad & Dangerous is a stand-alone sequel to Almost Human.

Baelvar is gorgeous, charming, insane, childish and mildly psychotic. He’s also mated to Kett, who’s brilliant, bitchy, violent and more than a little psychotic herself. It’s a match made in heaven, except for one tiny detail…

Kett doesn’t want to be mated to anyone.

The Curse of Kett has befallen everyone she’s ever cared about, but impressing this fact upon Bael is a little difficult, what with all the terrifically explosive sex getting in the way. Oh, and the repeated attempts on Kett’s life from persons unknown are a bit distracting too.

Still, if they can just stop shagging and fighting for their lives for two seconds, surely she can convince Bael they’re actually a match made in hell. Can’t she?


  1. Yay! Happy impending release day. Kett's story sounds fantastic.

  2. Thanks! Kett was a Difficult Child--actually, a difficult baby, child, teenager and adult. I'm still vaguely astonished she's actually being published!