Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cover for Hardest of Hearts

By the talented and lovely Sahara Kelly (who also did the cover for Dawn Rising, among others).

Emma and Aidan can't keep their hands off each other. There's just one little problem: she's sworn to kill all vampires and he likes the taste of blood a little too much.

Emma's been raised in the knowledge that all vampires are evil. After all, they're responsible for the death of her parents. Meeting Aidan shouldn't change a thing: so he might be the most beautiful man she's ever seen; he's still a vampire, and it's her duty to kill him, not to get him naked. Even if his Irish charm and quiet morality are extremely persuasive.

Aidan's come back to town to avenge the death of a very old friend. But far from the old zealot he expected, his new enemy is a young redhead with a killer body. She's determined to wipe out all vampires, and Aidan sees it as his duty to save his own kind.

And if he has to seduce her to do it, so much the better...

I'm just going to sit here and go 'ahhh' for a while.


  1. That was pretty much my reaction, too!

  2. Isn't it?

    (I've only just noticed I misspelled 'hearts' in the blog title. Whoops!)