Friday, June 25, 2010

Pepper enjoys tennis

Even a Demon Puppy needs a hobby.


  1. Too cute! How does he get along with the cats? I want to get another dog, I lost mine this past February, but I'm nervous how my two cats will fare with a puppy.

  2. Sooo... she doesn't bark ALL the time, then?

  3. No, she only barks if someone comes into the house, or goes out of it, or walks past it, or drives past it, or if you shout, or if another dog barks.

    So...not always.

  4. Nancy, she LOVES the cats, but unfortunately shows this by pinning them down and trying to lick them all over. They, obviously, hate this.

    If you have an established pair of cats and get a new puppy, that's usually the best way around to do it, but you've got to make sure the dogs knows the cats are in charge! An early mistake we made was in picking up the cats when we first brought Pepper home, and putting her on the floor. This took control away from the cats and gave it to the new arrival.

    The cats Did Not Like this and showed their disapproval with tooth and claw. My mum still has a scar on her finger from that!