Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Stolen Meme, part 7

10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

Mmm, not sure what 'serious canon scenes' means, unless it's a typo for 'cannon' and now I'm trying to remember if there have been any of those in my books. I'm not sure there have. I MUST rectify this.

As for weird long do you have? At the last count at least half a dozen of my characters have been fully dead at one point, only to come back again. I had one wake up in a coffin. That was fun.

In the opening pages of Almost Human, Chance falls 500 feet and smashes her skull into many pieces. I suppose that's a bit weird, especially as she's running around as normal a few hours later.

In the opening scenes of Mad, Bad & Dangerous, Kett wakes up hanging naked from the roof of a cave by her silver-bound wrist, chained to an equally naked stranger.

I, Spy? (Sophie Green Mysteries, No. 1)Sophie's entire life is a weird situation. The bit where she goes down the airport baggage belt stands out especially.

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?

Probably my favourite character to write is Striker. He just has no boundaries. He can say or do anything and he's a wonderful opportunity to use all those fab one-liners no one else could get away with.

Least favourite? Hmm. I'm not sure I have a least favourite character. I relish writing villains, and the only thing I don't like writing is boring characters--unless they're meant to be boring, that is. If I'm not enjoying writing a character, then there's something wrong.


  1. I have to agree, you do put your characters into some great opening scenes that make you wonder just how the hell they're going to get out of it and continue on :)

    I'd have to say, one of my is the Goddess of Fire having sex in the fire...that was an interesting one to write.

  2. Oh, now I have that Kings of Leon song in my head (luckily, I like it!).

    I used to spend ages rewriting opening scenes/lines. Sometimes still do. But sometimes, with practice, they come easier.

    And sometimes, writing a dramatic scene about a heroine is exactly the opener a book needs!

  3. Chained up naked is weird? Gosh. You live and learn... I would have thought Sophie going back to school as an adult would be weirder. My characters all lead such blameless lives that they never do anything weird - except for the nose in the matchbox thing, obviously.