Friday, July 02, 2010


Is it Friday already? Blimey.

This is Centre Court, Wimbledon. I was there on Monday.

This is Roger Federer, who was playing with such ease you wonder why everyone can't do it.

Jurgen Melzer, who played Federer in the first match of the day, but lost 6-3, 6-2, 6-3.

Second match of the day was Serena Williams, who is through to the finals now.

Serena played Maria Sharapova, who seems to be making something of a comeback. Alas, it wasn't good enough against the unstoppable Serena. Probably using up too much energy with all that screaming.

Third match on Centre was Andy Murray, who as a matter of fact I'm watching on TV now against Rafa Nadal. Which is probably some clue that he won on Monday.

Murray played Sam Querrey, who gave a good accounting of himself and was certainly the favourite of an American lady sitting nearby.

We had seats opposite the umpire, about halfway up. Great position. I could see the Royal Box and everything. This was courtesy of my dad, or rather some business associates who were offering him hospitality tickets.

Shall I tell you my new favourite thing about Wimbledon? The Debenture Holders Lounge. And do you know why it's my favourite thing? Because. It's frigging. Air-conditioned.

I shall never be able to go back to queueing now...

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  1. Wow! Great pics. I'm so jealous you were there. Every year, I tell myself I should go and every year, I don't.

    Next year!