Monday, October 18, 2010

New cover, new review!

So, I'm back from Cornwall, and while I sort through my photos and reminiscences (that's surprisingly hard to spell), I thought I'd share the lovely things that happened while I was away.

Mad, Bad & DangerousFirstly, a lovely new review for Mad, Bad & Dangerous, from those gorgeous folks at Joyfully Reviewed:

When you are suddenly handed happiness, would you know to grab it and hold on? Mad, Bad & Dangerous does more than ask this question. Kett and Bael both had anything but a normal and happy childhood but when the fates give them a chance it almost fell apart. I have to say that I instantly loved the sarcastic sharp wit and the humor that wrapped though the entire story. Both Kett and Bael were lovable just because they had faults and frailties. Just keeping track of the Kett’s family was enough to keep me chuckling and then you add in Kett and Bael’s adventures and it was extremely engrossing. Mad, Bad & Dangerous has humor, hot sex, suspenseful plot and loveable characters that will make it a keeper for your library.

And secondly, a gorgeous new cover for my upcoming Changeling Press release, Dreaming Of You:

Two thousand years ago, Tamenorix of the Segovantes was cursed to live forever as a slave, providing pleasure to whoever wears his torc. A torc bought centuries later by a lovelorn academic for his best friend's birthday.

Matt's been in love with Amy for longer than he can remember. And Amy's just as mad about him. The only problem is neither of them will ever admit to it. But when he gives Amy a gold torc for her birthday and a muscular warrior turns up to start having sex with her right under his nose, Matt realizes something's got to be done...


  1. Wow, that is one hot cover! And congrats on the new review.

  2. Thanks Talli! He's got the right sort of look for my ancient warrior, although I have to confess I've no freaking clue what it is he's holding!