Friday, October 08, 2010

Still Waters photos

Still Waters (Sophie Green Mysteries, No. 4)So, tomorrow I'm off to Port Isaac, which is the real life setting for the first part of Still Waters. I based a lot of the story on real places, including the cottage where the SO17 team stayed, the Blue Dolphin pub, and Tintagel where Sophie and Luke share an important moment.

Does anyone have any photo requests? I can't photograph the interior of Maria's aunt's cottage, but I can show you the exterior, and the Blue Dolphin pub is really the Golden Lion (where I shall be sinking pints of Tribute and Doom Bar). I have every intention of visiting Watergate Bay with its lovely cafe, and possibly also Tintagel too. Ad the harbour where Sophie nearly drowns? Right on my dooorstep.

Any takers?

(You're going to get photos anyway)


  1. Want pic of Sophie's room. If Luke is there too it would be a bonus. If not, i am blessed with an unusually vivid imagination.

  2. And if not, then Tintagel, please.

    And a Cornish ice cream.

  3. Tintagel, always, yes. And anywhere with sea. Or speedboats. Or sea and speedboats.

    Enjoy your trip.