Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh, and a little contest...

In case I forgot to mention, I've got a new ebook releasing from Changeling Press, 29th October 2010. Dreaming of You is a new standalone about an ancient warrior, a cursed torc, best friends in love, and Indo-Europpean phonetics. Only joking about the last one. It's Proto-Celtic, actually.

Two thousand years ago, Tamenorix of the Segovantes was cursed to live forever as a sex slave, providing pleasure to whoever wears his torc. A torc bought centuries later by a lovelorn academic for his best friend's birthday.

Matt's been in love with Amy for longer than he can remember. And Amy's just as mad about him. The only problem is neither of them will ever
admit to it. But when he gives Amy a gold torc for her birthday and a muscular warrior turns up to start having sex with her right under his nose, Matt realizes something's got to be done...

To celebrate the book's release, I'm offering a free PDF download of the book to one lucky contest winner. All you have to do is tell me: which dream would you most like to come true? Answers in an email please. Mark your entry DREAMING OF YOU CONTEST and tell me all your darkest fantasies! Beware, however, that I'll be posting the winning entry on my blog... You have until midnight 31st Oct to enter.

I'll also be appearing at a Romance Studio release party on the 29th Oct
to talk about Dreaming of You and how I've managed to use it as an
excuse for watching Doctor Who and Spartacus: Blood & Sand. Do stop by!


  1. But... But I'm too busy to dream these days.

    Head on pillow. Thunk.

  2. Really? Wish I had been last night. Haunted house, and I dreamed the noise that woke me up, too!