Monday, November 01, 2010

Dreaming of You contest winner

My my, what a kinky lot you all are! When I asked which dreams you'd love to come true, you all seem to have pretty spicy dreams. Seems several of my readers harbour happy fantasies about more than one lover. Well, in that case I urge you to buy Dreaming of You,, that's giving the plot away. But you won't be disappointed!

In the end, however, I chose Retta's dream, because while kinky fantasies are one thing, I think this is a dream we'd all like to come true:
I can not remember any dreams I have every had that I really want to come true (I can only remember the bad ones). In my thoughts my hopes would be that a cure would be found for all cancers as I have lost a lot of friends and family to them. As I am sure everyone else has also. Good luck with the new story and all the ones you still have in your dreams to come.
  Retta, I sincerely wish it too! I'll be emailing you about your free copy of Dreaming of You and hope you enjoy it. Thanks everyone for entering!

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