Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book launch!

Last week I held my first ever book launch at Waterstone's Bishop's Stortford, my small friendly local branch. The staff were all terrific, friendly and efficient, and allowed me to decorate their coffee shop with Union Jack bunting and tablecloths (I know. I have a Union Jack-sorry, Union Flag--on the cover of my book, which releases 28 days before the biggest royal event of the century. Union Flags everywhere! Cheers, Kate & Wills).

The event was lots of fun and well-attended, possibly because my mother invited everyone she's ever met. But then to be fair, so did I. I also promised people I'd sing something, which meant I had to go along with it. Thankfully my brother is a somewhat talented musician and helped me out a bit there, otherwise it could have been excruciating.

Books were sold. Wine was drunk. Chocolates were eaten. Although not enough chocolates, because I still have loads leftover (and so do the staff. Well, they did at any rate...)

Now I have to think of a gimmick for my next book. Actually, first I have to finish the next book...


  1. Great to see it went well. You look so happy!

  2. How exciting. You look absolutely gorgeous.

    Congratulations! It looks a great and memorable event...just like the wedding!

  3. It looks like a fabulous event - and you looked wonderful! What a terrific dress (and I bet the shoes were just as fabby). Congratulations on singing in public too....I'm sure the book will sell in the crateloads (it is a great book too!)

  4. Aw, you look lovely! Looks like it was amazing.