Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lots of flags

There's a lot of flag waving going on around here. Union Jacks everywhere (sorry, Union Flags, since they're not on a ship), since apparently there's some high-toned and fancy to-do at Buckingham Palace tomorrow. There's also the small matter of the flag on the cover of The Untied Kingdom--handy, that!--which I've been making the most of. My phone has a Union Flag cover, and for the launch party I wore these shoes:

...which I think you'll agree are all kinds of awesome. I also had some bunting strewn about the place, and matching tablecloths. I've just managed to get a copy of the photo from the local paper, which is a really nice one.

And yes, I did choose the dogtag necklace on purpose. How's that for a tie-in!

Now, of course, I've got bunting and tablecloths all ready for tomorrow. Well, you didn't think I'd miss an opportunity to decorate my house and drink champagne at lunchtime, did you? I shall put on my Union Flag shoes and drink a toast to the royal couple. Congratulations, Kate & William, and I don't suppose you'd like a copy of my book, would you?


  1. Those are some fab shoes...Love em....I would have loved to be in London to see the wedding live...A once in a lifetime opportunity...

  2. I knew I had to have the shoes! I was quite happy to watch the wedding from home however--this meant I could see every bit of it from every angle, not just a flash of someone in a white dress riding by in a carriage--plus I could do it in my jammies, drinking cold champagne. Marvellous!