Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas cards

I bought my Christmas cards earlier this week. Usually, I choose cards with cats on, but this year my eye was caught by this design:

Because who doesn't need to take a moment to calm down during the festive season?

You might also notice the image on the top of the box, which is the Help for Heroes logo. I always like to buy charity cards, and after researching and writing The Untied Kingdom, my respect for the very brave men and women in the armed services has really grown. So I'm very proud to be supporting Help for Heroes this Christmas, especially as they have such an excellent sense of humour!


  1. We always get help for hero Christmas cards. It's the first year they've done cards without the H4H bear on them great to see!


  2. Love that bauble! Great idea of Christmas cards. I haven't even started thinking about them.

  3. It was the design which first caught my eye, and the charity sealed it!