Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Works in progress

Just a little update about the things I've been working on:

The Invisible Girl

A romantic comedy...with ghosts.

Jen Hargrave is a woman haunted by the past. Literally. After a bomb blast five years ago, she sees ghosts wherever she goes, but there’s one in particular she dreads turning up—which means it’s really bad luck that she’s now working for his twin brother.

That bomb destroyed Quinn’s life too. He lost his leg and he lost his brother, and the last thing he needs is a daily reminder of it all. Especially when it comes in the shape of Jen, the woman who saved his life.

Jen can't escape her ghosts, and Quinn doesn't believe in them; but he's about to find out there's more than one way to be haunted...

The Invisible Girl is currently uncontracted.

Max Seventeen

Action romance. In deep space.

Press ganged into the Service, all Riley wants is to escape. Sentenced to slavery, all Max needs is to survive. When their destinies collide on board the starship Eurydice, a terrible plot is uncovered and the future is set on fire...

Max Seventeen is currently uncontracted.


  1. I want to read both of these! Also, love the titles x x

  2. Also - love the illustrations

  3. Thanks! The Ghost Book had LOADS of titles but The Invisible Girl feels like it might stick. And Max...needed to be named after Max.