Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hmm, I'm sure I made a post yesterday that's vanished into the ether. Ah well. It was full of bollocks anyway.

Anything to say today? Mmm. Work was floury. I got paid - at least, I got my payslip, pay will apparently appear in my a/c tomorrow am. Which is good 'cos otherwise I have about twenty quid to my name. Gonna be busier tomorrow 'cos Jack has the day off because it's his birthday today - I thought this was strange until he explained he's going out tonight. Tomorrow is Hangover Day.

Anyway, I've spent all day listening to him talk to people called Giles and Taz on the phone. Private school, dontcha know. I seem to remember thrashing them at school rugby. Well, not personally, but that's school loyalty for you ;)

Oh, and someone asked me today if I was on a year out before uni! Uh! Do I look eighteen?

Or - wait. Is it a good thing to look eighteen? When you're thirty, yes. When you're twenty-three - no. I don't want to be eighteen again! I'd still be at school! Noooooooooo!

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