Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ooh and isn't that clever? It has my astrological sign there too. I hate being a dog. Woof woof. Might as well lie down in the doorway and write "Please wipe your feet" on my forehead.

Ah well. At least it give me licence to be a bitch.


  1. K8, lol. I'm the sign of the dog too. I'd much rather be a horse. My sister has a card that says Official B*%&# Card on it. It's really funny. Yay for you for getting a blog. You don't have a guestbook yet, but you can get one by going into the blogger dashboard and clicking on blogger help. Then go to add-ons. Then guestbooks. I'm sure you can get the rest from there. C-ya around the blog world...

  2. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Gues who? Bet ya can't! *pinkie*

  3. Random blog search yielded yours as a result.

    A sound two posts!

  4. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Hi K8! :-) Yay for your blog... you should call it "As the Flour Mill turns" or something... tee hee! *Waving from across the pond* ~~ RaeLeigh

  5. Anonymous4:41 am


    As you already know I'm a Piscean like you, but I was born in the year of the Dragon. I think that means I'm some sort of cool aquatic reptile and you're a dogfish. :P