Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wheeeee! Tomorrow is Friday and I got paid today. Well, I think I did, I haven' checked my a/c yet. Dammit, I knew I forgot to do something! Can you believe the agency sent my payslip to the wrong address? Like it's so hard to copy down correctly. St John's Road. Not Close, but Road. you know, the road where there's a doctor's surgery, a vet, a church, a primary school and an adult education center. As well as several hundred people.

People are stupid.

Charles and Camilla are getting married. Ain't that sweet? Stupid about her only being Princess Consort though - what did she do to deserve that? Nothing - but everyone in this country was so in love with Diana that they can't bear to think of anyone taking her place, even after she divorced Charles, and then died! Get over it, people. Y'know, the more I hear of Diana the more manipulative she seems to have been. Cheers to Charles and Camilla for finally getting what they wanted thirty-five years ago.

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  1. Hey, thougt I'd pop in and check out the blog. NICE!