Thursday, January 19, 2006

Almost Human

Nope, that's not me before coffee (I'm barely human after it), but the title of my first book with Ellora's Cave, which has just been assigned a release date of Feb 1!

Belle jour. I am Chance, Knight of the Order of the Phoenix, Lady of the Association.

I trained as a Phoenix Knight because I'm damn good in a fight. I trained as an AssociƩe because I'm damn good in bed. But all the training in the Realm couldn't prepare me for Dark -- a man so potently sexy I can't keep my underwear on in his presence. It's a shame, then, that Dark seems to have other plans for my body -- for example, killing it.

I really love this book, I so can't wait for it to be out!

(wow, two posts in as many days! I must be sleep-deprived or something)


  1. Congrats, Cat! *Applause*

    My book should be released in Feb, too :) But from Liquid Silver Books. Chrissie sent me your book Sundown and I loved LOVED it. She thought our writing was similar. I can see that.

  2. Oh, it was 'She Who Dares'. Excellent stuff.

  3. Anonymous2:25 pm

    hi cat, just finished Almost Human, and i loved it, great work. please tell me i'm going to see more of these characters. anyway just wanted you to know i love the book.