Monday, June 19, 2006


Yesterday, Karen Scott forwarded on the Changeling missive that we're not going out of business (no, we don't know where the rumour came from, either) and added her own two penn'orth on why she hasn't been to the Changeling site for a while: because she doesn't like the covers.

Now. My covers are all displayed here on the left, and I think they're all pretty fine. But then, I'm really specific with cover art requests, even down to providing sketches of what I want. Actually, I have my own copy of Poser so I can mess around and find out what's possible with cover art. So maybe my covers suck, but I like them. But I will admit that there are some Changeling covers I don't like. There are always problems with CG art, but on the whole I think they come up better than some of the photographic covers you get (amount of times I've seen those things portray not the slightest bit of accuracy with regards to a character's appearance. Demure brunette librarian in the book, fiery redheaded dominatrix on the cover. Yeah).

But anyway. Comments were posted, and then defensive comments were posted back... and as always when anyone expresses anything remotely resembling an opinion in cyberworld, a thousand people poured in to argue against it. And then people argued against them. And then...

God, I'm bored with it already. It's amusing for the first ten minutes, but then it just gets silly. Next, please.


  1. I know - bored silly. It's funny Cat, because those arguments always manage to be both really heated and incredibly tame, at the same time. I've lost interest in a lot of those "industry" blogs.

  2. Anonymous5:57 am

    Love the snarled nose :)