Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thirteen fabulous things about where I live

1. The pair of shoes hanging over the power cable across the high street in town. Been there for months. Think they were once from the bowling alley.

2. My village is damn pretty. Listed in the Magna Carta of 1215, I'm also pretty sure it was in the Domesday Book, too.

3. This pretty village has seven pubs (no longer eight, alas! One was bought by an evil property developer, bah!) for a population of about 6,000.

4. We also have five churches. I think. So, you can drink and repent without having to go very far.

5. My uncle was astonished at this when he visited from Sheffield: that random people you pass by in the street, especially older people, will smile and say, "Good morning!" All the old people he meets (he's a bus driver) are apparently miserable buggers. But then if I'd lived in Sheffield for seventy years, I'd be miserable too.

6. The climate. I dunno if this is airport-related or what, but we have such a mild climate here--and it's a total microclimate, too. I got stuck in a terrible rainstorm a few miles away once and ended up turning back after six miles, to find it was dry as a bone here.

7. Ah yes, the airport. Love it, hate it (and generally I hate it), you can't deny that having an international airport on your doorstep is a useful thing. I mean, how many medieval villages have international airports?

8. In about five minutes, I can be walking in fields of gold.

9. In about two minutes, walking, I can buy milk, bread, newspapers, wine, chocolate and a wonderful variety of crisps.

10. Ten minutes walk to the station, and under an hour to London. Yeah, I usually bitch about this, because seriously, an hour to go 36 miles? but an hour to the world's greatest capital is still pretty decent.

11. It's really easy to tell people where I live. For people in the UK, I tell them it's near Stansted airport. For everyone else, it's just north of London (except for that bartender who thought 'north of London' meant 'Scotland').

12. I get Broadband (although it took its damn time).

13. It's flat (mostly). Me and hills are unmixy things.

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  1. I kinda remember playing Stansted--The Ash ?..and...I got a shag off some bird called Cat....

  2. I am SO jealous of your lovely village. I know I lived in England during one of my previous lives, and maybe it was yours. :D

  3. Enjoy reading your post. Happy TT!