Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: things that make me happy

Thirteen things making me happy today

(Yes, I know, unusually cheerful for a cranky cow like me. But everything else I thought of was miserable, and Amelia has already baggsed Thirteen Mandarin Insults)

1. Watching my cats behave like kittens. Especially Spike, when he gets that cheeky look in his eye, then attacks his catnip ball and rolls around on the floor wrestling with it.

2. The new series of Doctor Who. David Tennant rocketing around the universe being cheerfully insane, how can that not make you smile?

3. That, and I'm going to quote directly from Caitlin Moran here, "a show about a 900-year-old pacifist with a magic screwdriver, whose biggest enemy is a set of giant, fatal pepperpots...a children's sci-fi show, made on what amounts to a minuscule budget, in Wales, by gays, should be one of the defining programmes of the 21st century, is just the kind of thing that makes Britain great." It's completely bonkers. I love it!

4. It's sunny. I know, it's cheating. So what?

5. A week tomorrow we're going to pick up Pepper! (and put the puppy properly in her pen).

6. Helping my brother fix his phone and being called a genius for it.

7. Then, five seconds later, having to go up and down the stairs twice because I'd forgotten this list. And then the paper for the Caitlin Moran quote. I like being stupid. I have no idea why.

8. The new cover for Ugley Business which I got sent this morning. I'm not sure if it's final and approved yet, but the second it is I shall be plastering it everywhere because it's gorgeous. And it's purple!

9. Thinking up ways to screw eighteen generations of PayPal's ancestors (I'm modifying one of Amelia's Mandarin insults here) for refusing to recognise that someone defrauded my account to the tune of £1,200. There will be pain. Lots of pain.

10. The red, suede-trimmed, be-ribboned ballet slippers I bought yesterday. For four pounds.

11. Print release dates for the first three Sophie books. Like the cover, they're not definite yet, but I'm happy to have them.

12. That I've managed to think of 12 other reasons to be cheerful. And that I'm cheating now. I do like to cheat a little every now and then.

13. That I've finished the book I was on deadline for; done the edits I had to have finished by yesterday; and got my Stroke of Midnight contest entries back on time and am, therefore, unburdened by deadlines for the present moment!

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  1. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Ah, cute kitty! :)

    Michelle Pillow, Author Blog

  2. Awesome list! One of these days I'll have to think up 13 things that make me happy.

  3. Glad you're happy. But really, couldn't you just have looked at the picture of your puppy and been happy?

    I mean, it works on me.

  4. Sometimes it's the small and simple things that makes the most happy. :)

  5. Number 10 is awesome. I have no idea what they translates into in American currency, but they sound cute!

  6. Yay, you're happy. :o) I'd be happier if it hadn't snowed here. In April!

  7. Michelle: yes, he is. And he knows it. Mostly because i tell him about a hundred times a day.

    Emma: Me too. I go all squirly when I see how cute she is!

    Crystal: by the exchange rate, about $8. In terms of what it'd buy you, about $4. Basically, they were pointlessly cheap!

    Elle: Snow would make me happy! Sunny is nice (especially when my pub has a new deck outside), but i LOVe cold weather and snow makes me act like a little girl!

  8. What IS it with Fraud lately...I just had to deal with something hearts to you.

    Love Spike...he's adorable in both forms ;)

    When the new job quiets down...I am totally tackling you for a brain dump on Samhain vs. Ellora's!!!

    And, more puppy pics darn it!!