Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Sophie Green and Emma Woodhouse are so alike

They both sold less than thirty copies to start with.

All right, they're both interfering women who can be quite bright but suffer from occasional roadblocks of stupidity. They somehow inspire wonderful men to fall in love with them. They're brave and loyal. They like to see their friends happy.

I'm not sure Gwyneth Paltrow could ever play Sophie, though...


  1. Only 30? Geez, I obviously haven't pimped you enough. And I've been pushing Sophie at everyone on my personal mail list. Some of the poor souls have taken to emailing me receipts of sales just so I'll leave them alone.
    As for the job killing me...only if it was somehow responsible for the Con Crud I picked up in Richmond.
    Hugs and grins,

  2. Actually it was 27.

    20 of which probably came from your pimpage! Thanks!