Thursday, August 16, 2007 of my furbabies. Lazy? Hah, you have no idea how many pictures I had to search through for these. Yeah, I have millions of them. Deal with it.

"First contact." This was the first day we brought Sugar and Spike home, and they met Tinker, our old man. Shortly after this, Sugar retreated back inside the box, where she and Spike stayed for the next day and a half. Probably they took one look at poor old Tinker, bony and matted (he was nearly eighteen, and in fact died about three months later), and figured that if that's how they treated cats here, they'd be better off staying in their nice safe box. Eventually, food and devilment got them out.

Pepper, about a month old. Yes, her head really was half the size of my hand. you can see how we fell for her!

Candy, who died a year ago on Valentine's Day. Yeah, because I always loved that day before and this just made it so much better (dives into the Sarchasm). Anyway, here she is being young and sweet--and yes, that is a velvet pillow. You can't say we don't spoil them.

Candy, incidentally, stars in the Sophie books as Tammy, Sophie's mad little tabby who tries to kill everything. Candy, despite being no bigger than a squirrel, was much the same.

Pepper--yesterday. Her "Aren't I pretty? Tell me I'm pretty" pose. Or maybe she was just trying to eat the camera. She tries to eat everything else.

Spike, being a supermodel. I don't think I need to say anything else. He's just so beautiful here!

6Pepper, on the Chesterfield with my mum. Apparently, you should establish boundaries with puppies early on: where they can and can't go, for instance. Pepper gave us one look with those big brown eyes, and now we can't get her off the damn furniture. She even climbs on the windowsill.

Sugar and Spike, doing their Babes in the Wood act. Goddamn, those kittens were cute.

Pepper, aged six weeks. Goddamn, that puppy was cute.

Tinker, before he was such an old man. It's such a shame he turned into such a shabby old thing, because as TS Eliot said, "he was, in his youth, quite the smartest of cats," very handsome and so glossy you could see your face in his coat. He was my Gorgeous Boy, a title he passed onto Spike before he died.

10My office accessories.

Baby Pepper, being wretchedly adorable. Again.

Sugar, with the card she and Spike sent me on Mother's Day. So my cats send me cards. So I'm Crazy Cat Lady. You know, that was my ambition long before I ever wanted to write.

Spike, begging for no more pictures!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Cat, what sweet, adorable pictures of your little furbabies!

    Loved it. :-)

  2. Oh, oh, oh, my gosh, these are ADORABLE! I love the pretty little white kittens. I want some!

    Happy TT!

  3. You know, Spike was sitting behind me as I wrote this. I kept turning round and going, "Look, Spike! Baby photos! Weren't you adorable!" And he kept giving me patient looks that said, yes, he's still just as cute as he was then.

  4. Your fur babies are precious. :D

    Happy TT!

  5. Aww too cute!!! If I ever find a white fluffy kitten with dual colored eyes it will be mine! I have an almost identical picture of your pup's aren't I pretty pose!

  6. LOL, Lesley. You know, when we got them they were too young to tell eye-colour: it was still changing from the blue they were born with. A few days later, I said, "Hey, does Spike look like he has one eye bluer than the other?" Just as well, else it was pretty hard to tell them apart!

  7. With me you meet another crazy cat lady ! I have five and also could show a lot of pictures of the past with my 3 cats I had before for 20 and 19 years ! But they are well glued into old albums, lol !
    But if you want to see a cute kitten look at my cat blog there is little Rosie just 3 months old !

  8. Aw, great pictures! I want to come back in my next life as your cat or dog. :)