Thursday, September 27, 2007

There are too many kittens???

Okay, this is just cruel. There was an item on the local news this morning--I know, like I ever watch local news, but Pepper woke me up early, I figured, what the hell, and the TV was on. But anyway. You know what local news is like. Unless you live in Westminster or Kabul, it's all really boring teensy stuff about shoplifters or kids swimming for charity.

This news item fell into the 'cute' category. A local animal shelter has said there have been an unusual amount of kittens born out of season (cats can have litters any time, but most often in the spring). They've had a lot of litters--and sometimes queens with litters--being brought in, and they're running out of space for them.

They have too many damn kittens.

I want all the kittens.

But because I have a psycho puppy who thinks it's fun to pounce on stuff and shake it about with her teeth, I can't have any. Waaah!

Oh well. It's probably a good thing. Otherwise I'd be up there like a shot, taking everything they had, and I'd have turned into Crazy Cat Lady at 25.

Hmm...I wonder how many kittens it would take to outnumber Pepper? If you did it by weight...


  1. And thus the reason I am not allowed to watch TV or cruise by the websites that have cute kitty listings...

    You'll know it when you're ready hon. I suddenly hit a night where little man and I just HAD to go out looking for our little girl kitty...

    We found her 24 hours later. And, much to our surprise, the 10 year old Maine Coon never even tried to hurt her!

    And he's the one who tangles with things FAR larger than he. But it took mere moments for one 30lb cat to be wrapped around a 5 ounce paw.


  2. Just came accross your blog via Julie Cohen's! I Spy? looks great, I've now decided on the final book to take on holiday with me! :-)

  3. Ohmigosh, that is the cutest little baby!

    I'm so with you. I wanna grow up and be Crazy Cat Lady. I want all the kittens, too! We accidentally ended up with four, and I am dying to get another one!

    On my About Me page, there's a picture of one of my babies on a kayak. (Sorry, I just have a soft spot for him so I think everyone will think he's as cute as I think he is!)

  4. Natasha, he really is cute! The kitten above is my baby boy...well, it was him eighteen months ago!

    Stacia, who wouldn't be wrapped around a 5 ounce paw?

    Sally, I'm so glad you've chosen I, Spy?. I hope you like it. No, I hope you love it!

  5. what a cute kitty photo! (that one of you, btw, almost makes you look wicked, girl - lol - it's CUTE, don't get me wrong - ya just look like you're not someone to mess with - hehehe)...

    another BTW...I've been voting for you this month *grin*...I just don't remember to vote every day. I'm old - sue me.

  6. Ach. That is so sad! My daughter wants a kitten but we can't afford one right now. :(