Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hmm, that's interesting

Amazon has Almost Human listed--with correct publisher and ISBN etc--but no cover, so I can't verify it. The eBay listing, several people pointed out, has been taken down--only to be relisted under a different url. Ellora's Cave has the book listed as in print, with the new cover. The link on the EC site points to the eBay store. Is that the official EC store? Was the other link pirated? If it is the official EC store, why has my book suddenly popped up there without any notification to me, and with a cover I wasn't told about? Maybe it's the authentic copy; maybe it isn't.

I'm still waiting to hear the official word from Ellora's Cave.

Puppy still untrained. Dad thinks I'm sulking because he let the dog bark and wake me up. No, I'm not sulking, and no, it's not about one incident of barking. It's about six months of being ignored, contradicted and generally undermined.

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