Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm sorry, I've had enough

Of a puppy who isn't even house-trained, thanks in no small part to my dad who sabotages everything I try to do with the dog and ignores all the advice I'm giving him. I'm running out of ways to explain basic puppy training rules to him, and now we have a seven-month-old puppy who pees inside, barks incessantly, bites and chews whoever and whatever she likes, climbs on the furniture and even the windowsill, and doesn't do a thing she's told. So, I've had enough. I blame myself for failing to realise that my training methods were all bollocks and that what I should have been doing is what my dad's been advocating, which is basically letting the puppy run riot everywhere.

I understand that dogs have pack heirarchies. The Alpha doesn't listen to the lowest ranking pack member. Guess which one I am?

There are other things I've really had enough of right now, plenty of them relating to Almost Human, but I'm not going to air them here. I probably shouldn't have aired the puppy problems here either, but today is a day when I just don't give a crap.


  1. You know...we have those puppy issues. Of course, said puppy is now so sick (carrying up stairs and socking her feet to go outside) that we're feeling sorry for her, and she should just be told it's okay to rest.

    Dogs/cats = like want them to teach them the rules.

    Now, if the same could be said for our characters...we'd be SET!

  2. Sorry about your puppy! Sick pets suck.

    I have been trying to teach Pepper the rules. I have been trying very hard. And I've had every one of them consistently and repeatedly undermined, and I'm just not going to bang my head against that brick wall any more. I want that puppy to turn into a well-behaved dog and it's just not going to happen in the current climate. If she's going to pee on the floor for the rest of her life, she can go to the damn shelter.