Friday, October 05, 2007

A pirate copy?

Of my book?

Well, it looks like it. Google Alerts washed up something called Almost Human on eBay--it has my name on it and the blurb is accurate, but I don't know where the hell that cover came from. And nobody from Ellora's Cave has given me any official notification that the book's out. There's no ISBN, either. So for now I'm treating it as an unofficial, pirate copy.

Go and have a look, and tell me if your computer monitor shows up the cover any more clearly than mine; it looks to me like girlie there is wearing jeans, which is interesting for a pre-industrial fantasy 'verse.


  1. It's very convincing....but NOT your You should feel honored...need someone to "order" one to help track them down????


  2. No matter how many times I refreshed the page, I couldn't get an image to appear, just that broken link icon in the top left corner.

    Sorry.... but the whole thing looks sus to me.