Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trust me, I'm a doctor.

I found this picture of David Tennant, but could only link to the thumbnail because the proper image was...I dunno, unlinky. Isn't it a hoot?

Just in case that's too small for everyone, here's a close-up. Still not a big enough image, but I'm hunting!

(Incidentally, I looked at the Labels section of my blog, and David Tennant has more mentions than most of my books. I I really talk about him that much?)


  1. *chuckle* more than SPIKE????

    I'm shocked and amazed. You're slacking!

    And yes...I overwork myself and drag myself to the gym even with a headache. I have this issue somehow with becoming the elder women in my family LOL. Damn it...if I'm gonna WRITE romance....I'm gonna BE romance until I'm dead ;)

  2. Spike the character? Yes. Spike the cat? Not even close!

    'Cats' is actually the second-biggest category I have here, next to 'life', and one could say the two are closely linked.

    Right now, for instance, I can't let the puppy out of her crate into the living room because King Spike is curled up on the sofa, and I can't disurb him, can I?

  3. I'll trust him. Oh yeah, baby.


  4. David Tennant can give me a check-up any time!!

    (I'm currently watching Casanova - again *grin*. Didn't think it was possible to fall more deeply in lust but it's happening. *sigh*)