Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...things I love about cats

Thirteen…things I love about cats

1. Their stress-relieving properties. No, it's actually been sort-of-scientifically proven that stroking a cat relieves stress. So they're good for your mental well-being.

2. How low-maintenance they are. Okay, a cat requires 24-hr adoration from you, but in terms of what you actually have to physically do for a cat? Feed them twice a day. That's it. No walking, grooming or mucking out (get a cat flap, no litter tray, bish bash bosh, done). I can't think of any other pet that's less hassle. Even those virtual pets you get are more demanding.

3. They're actually useful. Unlike dogs, which require you to tell them what and how to do things, cats go out and keep the place vermin-free without even being asked. In fact, the Post Office used to employ cats to keep the mice down (can anyone tell me if they still do? I would love it if they still do!).

This brings me to...

4. Cats are good for the health of the nation. No, really! Back in the 1600s, when all those witch trials were going on, a lot of the targets were old ladies with cats, and a big target area was the south-east, where I live. Not only were the old ladies killed, but their cats too. And what do cats do? See above re: killing little squeaky things. And what do little squeaky things carry? Disease. Specifically, plague. What hit London in 1665? Plague. All because Matthew Hopkins didn't like old ladies with cats.

5. Cats are pretty. They just are. With those big eyes and soft fur and swishy tails. Think about it. Did you ever see an ugly kitten?

6. Cats are affectionate. A lot is made of the aloofness of cats, and the comparison is always made with dogs, who adore everyone instantly. Dogs want to be loved. They're the needy co-dependants of the animal world. Cats, on the other hand, don't need anyone or anything. But if you give a cat some affection, it will be repaid. And have you ever dragged a piece of string along the ground for a cat? They act like kittens. It's brilliant.

7. Cats don't slobber. Well, not usually.

8. They purr. I don't think any other species does. Scientists don't even really know how, or why, they do it, but all over the world it's been adopted as a description for huge contentment.

9. A cat curled on on your lap, or on your bed, or next to you on the sofa, purring happily and allowing you to stroke him, is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It just is. And if you don't understand why, you probably never will.

10. Cats love the supernatural. While dogs bark and growl at ghosts, cats purr.

11. For this and many other reasons, cats enjoy an unrivalled position in myth and folklore. From the Egyptians through the Vikings to TS Eliot, they've fascinated and inspired people for centuries.

12. At eight weeks old, a kitten can survive independantly of its mother. That's astonishing. The equivalent age for a human would be about a year old, and you don't often see year-old babies walking, feeding themselves and teaching themselves to hunt, do you?

13. Cats are survivors. For every person who deifies cats, there's someone who thinks they're vermin. People kick them and starve them, they take out their own anger and insecurity on a creature smaller and softer than them. But you know what? Unlike a dog or an abused wife, a cat is never too scared to leave. A cat doesn't live in vain hope of you changing. A cat thinks, "Bugger this for a game of soldiers," and gets the hell out of there to find someone who will give it the adoration it deserves.

Please support my Christmas appeal for the Cats Protection League. I'm going to keep mentioning this all December, and I'll deliberately post the cutest pictures of my certifiably adorable cats that I can find, all month long, so get used to it.

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  1. Aww I sense a lack of adequate adoration of the puppies of the world!!! I do love cats. I can't remember a time growing up we didn't have at least a few running around, but I also love my pups too. That being said, aren't fuzzy baby kittens like the most adorable thing evah!?

  2. I can't say I'm a huge cat lover (I do love kittens though), but this list is really cute. And I love the pictures as well. Happy TT!

  3. Don't get me wrong, dogs are great (I even quite like mine when she's not chewing stuff), and I like them enormously. But I don't love them unconditionally like I do cats!

  4. It seems as if you have written this for me ! I fully agree to all 13 points I have 5 cats (or rather they own me) and don't even realize that they are five ! (Imagine I had 5 dogs !!) They are coming and going through the cat flap, sleep on all available beds, on keyboards, toilets or other places. Today I brought the youngest, Rosie, to the vet to get spayed. I have to pick her up this evening. You can see my cats on my Cats & funny stories blog.

  5. I've never had an affinity for cats - but I think it's awesome that you do! Good for you!

    Happy TT.

  6. feefifoto7:17 pm

    You've sold me on the furry little kitties. Have you seen

  7. Yep, I've seen, and actually made a LOLcat of Spike with one of these pix...will post it again soon!

    Devon, yes, of course you can repost/link to this wherever you like. The more, the very much merrier!

  8. Did you ever see an ugly kitten?

    Well, there are those hairless ones.

    Great list, and I love the cat pictures. (I'm trying to type this around the immense tonnage known as Bubba).

  9. Great pictures! Cats are great. Pretty much self sufficient but still around when you need them.