Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey, it's been a week

...and I was going to say something. I was. But, um. I can't remember what it was. I have a memory like a...oh, you know. Thing with holes in it. Use it for draining salad.

Anyway. I've been working this week on my next Changeling release, Here Kitty Kitty, which as the title suggests includes creatures of the feline persuasion. Specifically, a werecat. Well, not specifically. There's a werejaguar and a were-not-entirely-sure-what-species-of-cat. And a werewolf. Who looks like Richard Armitage. Because I'm still in the throes of an almighty crush.

I've also been reading over an ARC of my friend Lexxie Couper's first release with Samhain. Savage Retribution is out in February, and if you've any taste then go and buy it, because it's brilliant. Featuring a very hot Irish werewolf and...hang on, do you need any more than that? Hot Irish werewolf, fast-paced action, great sparky heroine and lots of Australian sarcasm. Lexxie's my friend because we both adore David Tennant (pauses to go into reverie about RA making a guest appearance on Doctor Who), but also because she creates brilliant, strong characters and can write a sex scene that scorches off the page.

And now I need to get back to reading the end...


  1. Can you see my really big grin, Kate?

  2. Wait, lemme hack into my AussieScope.

    Wow, that IS a big grin!