Monday, May 25, 2009


...does the BT troubleshooter begin with "Unplug all phones and modems, then click 'next step'"? Hello, McFly?

...does the sun never shine on a Bank Holiday? How does it know? fashion mags tell us every few years that the hourglass shape is in, and then forget about it a week later?

...does no one make clothes for said hourglass shape, unless one has pots of money to spend of designer togs--in which case, one is probably rich enough to hire a personal trainer to get rid of those pesky, clothes-ruining curves.

...are we universally advised to use Factor 5000 sun cream to prevent skin cancer, then bombarded with 'tan-enhancing' cosmetics and summer clothes that only look good on people whose natural skin tone doesn't resemble a Mini Milk lolly?

...doesn't fake tan work on white skin? Makes me look like an orange ripple ice cream (yes, I do have ice cream on the brain).

...does Dollhouse totally not feel like anything Joss Whedon has been involved in?

...can't I sign in to Yahoo Messenger? I have zero ideas for writing an interesting blog post?

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  1. And a happy Bank Holiday Monday to you too Kate - ditto on the curves even if yours do look better than mine - and I got a bit sunburned yesterday having lunch at Putney Bridge